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I offered both my sons baby rice for the first couple of weeks (age about 5 months 2 weeks) to get them used to eating from a spoon before I started cooking meals for them.  They ate just 2 or maybe 3 spoonfuls a day at the beginning in between all their milk feeds. All the meals listed below are perfect for the whole family, there is no need to cook separate meals, just one meal for all of you.


Note:  all the recipes on can be used for weaning apart from chicken with soy sauce, honey, ginger and garlic.  This recipe uses a lot of soya sauce, which is high in natural salt and not suitable for a baby under 1 year old, but great for your toddlers.

6 to 7.5 months

Semi liquid purees.  Make your weaning baby's first food very sloppy as it will be easier for them to make the transition from milk.


In addition to your baby's milk (either breast or formula) you can try;





Pasta with baby plum tomatoes, with ricotta or mascarpone

Pasta with chestnut mushrooms, garlic, parsley and cream

Pasta with courgettes, mint, garlic and butter

Pasta with fresh baby plum tomatoes, sausage and fennel

Tea time

Peeled peaches, nectarines, mangoes and bananas to chew


Fromage frais


Lydia Gerratt

7.5 to 8 months

Start building on your 6 month meals to include more;



Toast and unsalted butter



Pan fried sea bass fillets

Roast salmon fillets, asparagus, potatoes, with a tarragon,parsley and butter

Roast chicken, lemon, potatoes, olive, shallots, garlic and thyme

Roast potatoes, butternut squash, peppers, tomatoes, rosemary, olive oil and garlic

Tea time

Pieces of cheese, emmental, jarlsberg, gruyere

Dr Karg crackers

Lydia Gerratt

8 to 9 months

The biggest change for both my sons at this age was how well they were able to pick up food with their hands and get it smartly into their mouths.


I started adding these additional recipes;


Fried eggs with toast and unsalted butter




Chestnut and Porcini mushroom risotto

Fresh pea and mint risotto

Pilaf rice made with cardamom, cinnamon and chicken stock

Carrots with parsley and unsalted butter

Creamed spinach

Crushed new potatoes with spring cabbage


Tea time

Bread, butter and blackcurrant jam

Chestnut mushroom and porcini risotto

9 to 11 months

Both my sons gained their first 2 teeth at this time and were desperate to chew anything.


With this in mind, I started cooking more meat for them;






Flattened pork with garlic & lemon

Faširane šnicle (pork meatballs)

Rib eye steak with a tarragon, parsley, garlic and butter

Grilled pork sausages

Minced pork or lamb burgers

More pasta sauces made with Orzo pasta (small pieces)


Tea time

Hard fruit to chew;  apple and pear pieces

Lydia Gerratt

11 to 12 months

Almost there!  By this stage, both my sons were anticipating and thoroughly enjoying their meals as a family.  The array of foods and recipes I gave them were only limited by my imagination and knowledge.


Some of the meals I started cooking during this time;



Pancakes (at weekends when I had time in the morning)



Pan fried red mullet

Salmon fillets with leeks, capers and lemon

Ray wings with capers and butter

Roast whole sea bass with potatoes, capers, olives & thyme

Spaghetti alle cozze (mussels)

Pasta with prawns, chorizo, fresh peas and tomatoes


Tea time

More fruit;  plums, figs, grapes

Ray wings with capers, lemon and butter
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