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Shiitake mushrooms with soy sauce and butter

Shiitake mushrooms with butter and soy sauce

This recipe is why I love hanging out with all the foodies on Instagram. Most of the people I follow are not celebrity chefs, but food lovers from all around the world who love sharing and talking about their recipe ideas.

A while ago, I posted a photo of my Chinese style shiitake mushrooms on Instagram and a couple of Japanese women I follow told me about their go-to mushroom recipe. Their way of frying mushrooms and flavouring with butter and soy sauce is so simple (I didn’t realise that butter was even part of Japanese cooking?!). It’s an everyday dish they make to eat with family meals. I tried it out as an after school snack for my little boys….they loved it and keep asking me to make the shiitake mushrooms again and again.

This is barely a recipe, more of a flavour idea of what you can do with mushrooms. It can be a side dish for any Japanese or Chinese meal you’re cooking, or a healthy, seriously more-ish snack for you and the kids.

Miraculous ingredients: An excellent quality soya sauce, Clearspring soya sauce

Shiitake mushrooms with butter and soy sauce


150g shiitake mushrooms, cut in half or quarters if large

25g unsalted butter

1 tablespoon dark soy sauce (Clearspring is a very good Japanese brand of soy sauce)


Place a medium size frying pan on a low heat and melt the butter.

Add the quartered mushrooms once the butter has melted and increase the heat to medium. Fry and occasionally stir for about 8 minutes until the soft and darker in colour. Add the soy sauce, stir and fry for a few seconds. Turn off the heat and serve.

Preparation time 5 minutes, cooking 8 minutes, 2 adult portions as a side dish


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